Welter Skelter

by dj Skull Vomit


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Peace Off Digit 13 - dj Skull Vomit - Welter Skelter EP (Digital Edition)

Tony Welter, half of the Electro/Grind duo Eustachian and partial owner of Fathme Records, established his solo career under a new moniker: Dj Skull Vomit.
After a killer debut release for Cock Rock Disco, Jason Forrest's label, Dj Skull Vomit's coming back this
time on Peace Off Records with a Terrific, Spastic & Powerfull Breakcore, Under an heavily metal influenced , "Welter Skelter" EP

Including the "Antigoon"Remix by Stazma & "Swamp Bitch" Remix by Rotator

01. dj Skull Vomit - Antigoon
02. dj Skull Vomit - Funeral Class (Feat. $peedranch)
03. Moshpit - Souvenirs And Other Tumors (dj Skull Vomit Remix)
04. dj Skull Vomit - Swamp Bitch (Feat. Baseck, Otto Von Schirach & Surachai)
05. dj Skull Vomit - Antigoon (Stazma The Jungle Christ Remix)
06. dj Skull Vomit - Swamp Bitch (Rotator Remix)


released August 31, 2012

Electronics, Drums and Vocals : Tony Welter

Guitars : Antigoon (John Smythe) Swamp Bitch (Mark Mckenzie)

Mastering : Dj Hidden

Website: www.djskullvomit.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/djskullvomit
Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/djskullvomit
Tumblr : djskullvomit.tumblr.com
Youtube : www.youtube.ng/user/TonyFathme

Artwork: Edwin Sandoval www.onlinecreature.com

Stazma: www.facebook.com/StazmaTheJunglechrist
Rotator: www.facebook.com/rotatormusic

Peace Off Records:



dj Skull Vomit Los Angeles, California

Skull Vomit and Singaya are the two other monikers from Tony Welter who is also half of the Electro/Grind duo Eustachian and partial owner of Fathme Records.
Tony has left the Eustachian name behind to rest to concentrate on his 2 still heavily metal influenced solo projects. One Singaya, a bass driven, grind scuffle and the other, (Skull Vomit) a more fast paced industrial breakcore riot.
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